Aside from this very site, I have a variety of other products I have built that you can check out below. You can always see what I'm currently working on by checking out my github.

ImageTrend Hubble / Orbit

Hubble Screenshot

Contributions: 2018-PresentTechnology: ASP.NET Core, React, TypeScript, CosmosDB, Azure Functions, Azure Data Lake, Azure Analysis Services, PowershellRoles: Developer, DevOps, Designer, Architect

ImageTrend Hubble is a simple internal web application that is used to monitor and administrate a separate internal big data infrastructure project called ImageTrend Orbit.

Hubble runs on React+TS+MVC Core, and Orbit is a large series of serverless functions and Azure data storage technologies for ingesting, processing and egressing datasets within the company. I worked on both projects in tandem.

YNAB .net Core SDK

YNAB SDK Screenshot

Contributions: 2019-PresentTechnology: ASP.NET Core Roles: Developer

YNAB.SDK is a .net core wrapper for the YNAB Rest API. YNAB is one of my favorite products and I wanted to contribute back to the community in some way. At the time there were .NET SDK implementations, but none in .net core so I decided to make this one.

Budget or Your Life for YNAB

Budget or Your Life Screenshot

Contributions: 2019-PresentTechnology: ASP.NET Core, React, TypeScript, Azure HostingRoles: Developer, DevOps, Designer

Budget or Your Life is a simple web app I threw together to visualize a YNAB budget using life energy as outlined in the book 'Your Money or Your Life'.

This app was created as a way for me to test my newly created .net core YNAB sdk. It was one of my first attempts at building a TypeScript + React app as well.

ImageTrend Elite

Elite Field Demo

Contributions: 2013-2018Technology: ASP.NET MVC, JS w/ KnockoutJS, MSSQL, PowershellRoles: Dev Lead, DevOps, Architect

ImageTrend Elite is a data collection tool primarily used for EMS and Fire data. The application consists of a couple applications. The first application is designed mainly for administrators and is written in a combination of ASP.NET MVC and JavaScript. The second part is a PWA written mainly in JavaScript and is used for offline data collection at patient-side.

This project was unique at the time it was started as PWAs were not yet terribly common and browser features not quite as rich. As the front-end frameworks of the time were pretty large and offline storage capabilities fairly weak we opted to build our application using primarily vanilla JS with some help from KnockoutJS.

Talk to Me Goose

Talk to Me Goose Screenshot

Contributions: 2018-PresentTechnology: C# Roles: Developer

Talk to Me Goose is a simple console application for Windows that allows the user to setup audio cues for in-game events as a training tool for League of Legends. The application can either use pre-recorded audio clips or it can use text-to-speech to read the alerts.

MN Rangers Website

MN Rangers Screenshot

Contributions: 2015-2017Technology: NodeJS, Express Roles: Developer, Designer

The Minnesota Rangers website was a hub for all things related to the former minor league basketball team. It had news, schedules, roster information, and stats. The site and team are no longer active.